The Mythical Siren Got a Modern Makeover

Bronze Foundry

CNC Machining with 35KG Foam.

What the client wanted: 

A 20ft model of the Siren to serve as the foundational element for producing a mold, which would be subsequently used for bronze casting

How we made it happen: 

Our recent project involved a departure from traditional foundry practices. Traditionally, the initial models were meticulously hand-carved from clay to make a mold, a process that could take anywhere from 8 weeks to 4 months. However, our client sought a more efficient and modern approach, aiming to expedite the process while retaining intricate details. To achieve this, we recommended utilizing CNC machining with high-density foam, specifically the 35kg foam to maintain precise details. This transition not only reduced the project timeline to just 15 days but also proved to be a more long-term, and cost-effective solution. 

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