Honoring the Legendary Selmon Brothers

Fisher Sculpture

Traditional Casting with Epoxy, Hand Painting, 
and Custom Packaging.

What the client wanted:

An 18-inch replica of the Selmon Brothers’ statue at the University of Oklahoma. 

How we made it happen: 

Our client wanted a special tribute: an 18-inch replica of the Selmon Brothers statue at the University of Oklahoma, designed to be cherished gifts. While the client initially chose bronze casting, time constraints and budget considerations led us to explore alternative options. 3D printing promised a quicker turnaround, but the challenge was to have a weight that mimicked the feel of solid bronze. To address this, we settled on our silicone casting process, crafting the solid model from epoxy. Additionally, we casted the base and bodies separately, strategically reinforcing vulnerable areas like the feet and ankles. The final step involved hand-painting each piece to recreate the allure of genuine bronze and, at the same time, embrace the subtle variations inherent in handcrafted finishing. 

(Can cut this if it’s too long)Throughout this project, we wanted to ensure that each piece served as a heartfelt tribute to the enduring legacy of the Selmon Brothers, capturing the strength and spirit that defined their remarkable lives. 

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