Buck-ling Down for Some Serious Printing

Cazadores Tequila

3D SLA Printing with Standard White Resin,
CNC Machining, Primed.

What the client wanted: 

A life-size model of a Buck (a male deer). This model will be painted and showcased at exhibitions and events in various locations across the country. 

How we made it happen: 

We were tasked with creating a life-size Buck (a male deer) to be showcased at various events across the country. The client wanted to ensure the safety of the antlers during transit, so we developed a "key and lock" mechanism for easy disassembly and reassembly with just a simple twist. The model was carefully designed with varying thicknesses, with solid legs for added support and a 6mm-thickness body. To provide a cost-effective yet sturdy base, we incorporated CNC machining to cut it from ABS plastic instead of simply printing it. Additionally, we polished the model several times and applied a layer of primer, ensuring it was smooth and ready to be painted upon delivery. 

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